Lista de intrebari uzuale despre contabilitate si nu numai.


Appealing the services of a profiled company you benefit by a series of advantages that are needed by any company within the context of the current dynamics of competition environment.

  1. The current trend of companies is to outsource services, which results in cutting costs by up to 70% compared to costs required to establish and develop a domestic department. To such perspective also the time allocated to the department will be shortened, and more time remains for the development of the company activity;
  2. Clients are contractually covered by the liability related to the correct and complete registration of documents;
  3. You’ll benefit by representation before auditing authorities
  4. Given the numerous domains of activity and the specific situations such a company must face, you’ll benefit by an experience accumulated and the expertise so needed by your company;
  5. Management may make correct decisions based on report received in real time.



By our professional services we cover the entire area that a company may need in all its stages of development.



In view of clients’ satisfaction our company developed in the 20 years of existence a productive attitude meant to lead to the best results. For an example here are a few of the values we cultivate in our company: seriousness, promptitude, correct ratio quality-price for the services offered



Order and discipline that we promote in exerting profession prevailingly in organizing, managing accounting and human resources bring about that vital plus that any company is in search of.


Added Value.

We offer added value to your company by counselling regarding the modalities of increasing incomes and at the same time of cutting down expenses and we don’t resume to only that.



We assure that the services we offer stand for a combination between objectivity, intellectual honesty and absence of conflict of interests.



The quality of the services is recommended by over 65 clients benefitting by our services but also by the 20 years of experience on the market of Romania.




Organising is the quality leading to added value of the services we offer; therefore we are aware we cannot exist without controlling the mode of internal and external organization until the least detail.



The nucleus of your company irrespectively the scope of your activity will have to be transposed in ciphers, so that to be understood by everybody. That is just what we manage because we know the fundamental composition of this common language of the system and we assure you of all our professionalism.



Working with us you will permanently have access to financial statements of the company, which we assure to always be updated, complete and correct, explained in everyone’s understanding so that any decision should be based on safe data and taken over in full awareness.